Argentinean company dedicated to the Yerba Mate and Rice

"A leading company in yerba mate and rice production, manufacturing products which combine high quality standards based on the skills and professionalism of its people..
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La Cachuera is an Argentine company devoted to the fractioning and packaging of agricultural food with more than seventy years of experience.

The company was created by Juan Szychowski, a Polish immigrant, who along with his family settled down at the Colonia de Apostoles by the 1900.

Our mission

We are a centennial company that bets daily on the country, supplying and developing top-quality products, making the dream of its founder come true; we are a large company working for the development of our country.

Our mission is focused on four main pillars: our products quality; human capital, technological innovation and satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Amanda offers high-quality products, which comply with all set standards, and in order to perform a permanent control and improvement of such products, there is a laboratory as well as professionals devoted to maintain our product levels.

In order to achieve growth and a better development of our activities, we encourage permanent professionalism, growth, and improvement at the different areas part of our company.

Ongoing technologic innovation and integration in search of increasing production volumes to meet any demanding markets.

Full commitment towards consumers, by producing differential quality products.

Meeting our customers’ needs in a timely, flexible, and efficient way.

Our Vision

To become the leading company in yerba mate and rice, with products offering high quality standards, based on our people’s skill and professionalism.


  • To control all manufacturing processes
  • To comply with any agreed upon delivery terms
  • To learn about and meet consumers’ needs
  • To establish loyalty bonds with them
  • To train our staff on a permanent basis to be able to adjust to changes
  • To position our company within a globalized world
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